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About Spacetalk

we turn ideas into works of art.

At Spacetalk, we believe in creating designs which are free from any shackles. Designs without boundaries and limitations, solutions which are non-conformal and unique, and spaces which are tailor made to meet your most demanding requirements.

Our central idea is that every client has a story and that their space and environment is great vehicle for telling it. Our practice is driven by research and development, and we believe in investing time and efforts required to bring great ideas to fruition. Our clients have a global perspective, and our team travels widely to source quality materials, cutting edge technology and innovative solutions to help them tell their story.

OUR design process

The Brief

In our quest to deliver delight, we utilize every inch of usable space while planning the layout. Each and every one of your needs and inputs is taken into consideration during he design process.

The Layout

Once we are aligned to your needs and requirements, we move on to create a customized plan and layout for you.

The Render

We employ the latest technology and software tools to reproduce the plan of your space. At the same time, we go the old-school way with precise artistic sketches, when need be.

The Detailing

Keeping up with fluctuating price quotations in cohorts with changing details, we strive for sketching the most detailed drawings.

The Transparency

Every idea and material we implement for you, is transparently accountable.

The Optimization

We revel in the fact that we offer one of the most cost effective methods of implementation in interior decoration. Accurate drawings, minimum implementation errors and impeccable material sourcing is how we achieve it.

The Execution

We source the most authentic quality materials from reputable dealers and team it up with personalised supervision to create just the perfect finish.

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