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Importance of negative space

Importance of negative space

In art, architecture, and life…
space matters!

And space is equally made up of two main components: POSITIVE and NEGATIVE space.

POSITIVE SPACE – the space that’s taken up with actual ‘stuff’, i.e furniture, lighting, artwork, accessories.

NEGATIVE SPACE – the ’empty’ space around and in between everything else, necessary for every workspace in order to function, offer visual balance and to zone different spaces.

With Spacetalk, what you get is more than what you see.

We believe in harnessing the power of negative space, just as much as we focus on the positive space. And that an absence can make a profound impression; like, with the hole in a doughnut or the interval between lightning and thunder.

While designing and planning the ideal space for you, we tend to focus more on what to leave out, rather than what to put in. And we know exactly how much to put in to create a balanced and breathable environment. As architects and designers, sometimes the best thing we can do is take away barriers that inhibit healthy interaction.

The advantages of negative space:

· Eliminating distractions from an outstanding feature and enhancing its effect.

· Avoiding overfilled spaces and in turn, clutter.

· Disrupting the formality of a symmetrical room, thus lending energy to a static space.

· De-emphasising architectural features that we don’t wish to draw attention to.

We plan given spaces taking the above points into consideration. Space planning is our area of expertise and that’s how we design habitable wonders!

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